Code Of Conduct

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The school is very much aware of the fact that it is ultimately the joint responsibility of the parents and teachers that can ensure healthy harmonious development of the child's personality. It is through such joint efforts and common programs that we can achieve our goals. The following steps need to be taken in this respect.

  • • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help their child’s progress by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality, discipline and by taking interest in their curriculum
  • • Student must be neatly and smartly dressed in proper school uniform with proper hair cut.
  • • Students must carry their Identity card and school dairy every day.
  • • Late comers are not allowed.
  • • Students are not allowed to bring to school or wear any costly items
  • • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience or any reprehensible behavior may entail dismissal from the school.
  • • Students must greet all teachers. They must know the magic of words ‘please` and `thank you` and use them frequently on appropriate occasions.
  • • Students must converse in English during school hours.
  • • Every student must take part in school games and other activities, unless physically unfit.
  • • Boys are not allowed to keep long hairs or use any kind of highlighters or colours in hairs.


  • • Books and copies should be properly covered and must maintain it throughout the session.
  • • Always write your ward's name and class on every belonging of your child.
  • • Check the diary regularly for any entries/circulars from the school. The diary may also be used by the parent/s for communicating with the teacher/s or school authorities.
  • • Read the contents of the diary carefully sign all the notes send by the school.
  • • All students are expected to bring proper lunch (No Junk food, Biscuits, Toffees, packed food etc.) and water bottle. It is advisable to send healthy Tiffin (green vegetables, seasonal fruits etc).
  • • Parents must attend Parent- Teacher Meeting in order to know their ward`s progress.( held on last Saturday of every month).
  • • All requirements of leave should be applied for in advance, except in case of emergency.
  • • Parents are requested to send the leave application.
  • • Parents must inform the class teacher in writing regarding the details of any medicine that their child needs to take regularly or if he/she is allergic to any drug.
  • • Students suffering from contagious diseases should not be sent to school, till the mandatory period of quarantine is over.
  • • A handkerchief and one napkin should be sent with the child every day.
  • • Parents are requested to pay the school fees till 10th of the due month after that late fee Rs.25/- per day will be charges.
  • • If the fee of a quarter is not paid even after the expiry of the due month, the name will be struck off from the school roll.
  • • Any change of address and telephone number should be notified immediately with the school authorities.
  • • Kindly keep your ward ready on time so that the school cab reaches school on time.
  • • Do inform on the following numbers in advance if your ward is going to take leave (especially school cab children) 0141 – 5141500/5140400 (school).
  • • Do not send anyone else to pick/drop your child without informing in the school in advance.
  • • Please do not enter the classroom or meet with the teachers when the class is going on.
  • • No half day leave will be granted and in case of emergency the child will be permitted to go only with mother or father and no one else.
  • • The child should distribute only toffees or candies (or similar ones) among friends and educators on his/her birthday. Gifts distribution in not allowed. No birthday parties of students will be allowed .
  • • To inculcate the habit to speak in English, please encourage and converse with your child in English at home.
  • • Try to maintain a continuum between home and school while disciplining your child.
  • • Adopt a positive attitude towards every new activity that your child participates at school.