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Child Centered Activity

CHILD is the fulcrum of our school programme and the syllabus; all our efforts are directed and aim to bring a well rounded development of the child. This approach has many implications for the design of the curriculum, course content and interactivity of courses. Child-centered learning, that is, putting student’s interests first, is in contrast to traditional education. It is focused on each student's interests, abilities, and learning styles, placing the teacher as a facilitator of learning. Child centered activity requires students to be active, responsible participants in their own learning.

Smart Classes

Technology is the new name changer in today’s world. It has benefitted us in every aspect of our life right form communication to education. The new revolutionary program in school education system, 'Smart Classes' has changed the very concept of learning (classroom teaching). It is an innovative technology which aims to revolutionize the way teachers teach and students learn in class. Obviously, this methodology has proved beneficial for the students.

Course Designed by Our Research Team to Deliver the Best to our Students

Our course designers have done an intensive research on the requirements of this age group and the course design is in sync with these needs. Appropriate periods of time for learning through sustained involvement in play. Opportunities to investigate, satisfy the children’s curiosity, explore the environment inside and outside the playroom, extend their sense of wonder, experience success and develop a positive attitude towards learning. These are some of the essential factors which guide the syllabus of our syllabus. Also, we at PICASSO attach lot of value to the Student-Teacher bond. It is important that children feel secure in their relationships with teachers and that they know that the teachers are there to support them.

Experienced, Trained & Well Qualified Teaching Staff

Qualified teachers are an essential component of preschool programs that result in improved outcomes for young children. Teachers have knowledge of how children learn and general patterns of development to facilitate learning across the content areas for diverse groupings of children.

Perfect Student Teacher Ratio (15:1)

Having a perfect student teacher ratio in preschool can ensure that your child’s basic needs would be properly attended. Students who study in environment with the ideal student teacher ratio in preschool tend to do better in their later academic years as opposed to those who were not exposed to such conditions. Perfect child teacher ratio in school, assures parent’s that their child would not be ignored.

Timely Educational Visit

The importance of Educational trips includes giving students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom. Getting away from the everyday atmosphere of the classroom gives students an opportunity to spend time with each other in a fresh and new environment. No matter how much students learn during an Educational trip, their favorite memories are invariably based on their fun moments of the day.

Parent’s Participation Program

The role of a parent in a child’s education is very important. Although helping children in their studies is a part of the parents’ role in child’s education, the most essential part is the motivation to educate the child and understanding what it means in practical terms. We appreciate this fact and ensure parent’s participation and contribution towards the development of their ward.