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Child Friendly Safe & Healthy Environment

School provides a safe and caring environment, friendly ambiance, good hygienic facility, practical teachings with audio visual aid and play materials so that the children can enjoy a perfect childhood.

Fully AC Room with Best Infrastructure and 100% Power Backup

Each and every room is built with a theme and a concept that enables your child to associate with, appreciate and learn from the environment. All interiors are designed keeping the little ones in mind. Their inquisitive and eager eyes get the feel of things fresh and attractive.

Computer and Audio - Visual Room

In this age of Information Technology, an early exposure to basics of computer, readies every child for the future and also helps the child to overcome any inhibitions they could have towards computer usage. Our school has computer lab with latest models of computers and softwares. The Audio Visual Room in the school is a wonderful facility that is simultaneously engrossing and educative for the children. In this room, the kids watch educative CDs, Cartoon Films and other material that enhances their learning experience. Audio Visual aids helps teaching and is extremely useful for clarifying concepts to the children.

Conveyance Facility Available

We provide transport facility to our kids. The pickup time would be conveyed to the parents at the time of admission. We have care takers in our vehicles to ensure the safety of our children and to make them sit comfortably.

Wide Outdoor Play Area with Play Station, Slides, Rockers, Tricycles etc.

Playground is a place where children develop life skills and we at PICASSO give it due importance. Outdoor play is important because kids gain a sense of mastery and competency from outdoor play. They also gain important physical skills because they are learning to run and use their bodies in different ways compared to indoor games/play. There is also a lot of social interaction that goes on when they play outdoors which helps them grow into responsible members of the society.

Large Sand Pit

The sandpit is a great opportunity for Social, Emotional and Language development. While playing in the sand children use communication skills as they talk about what they are doing and how to do things. They share equipment and learn the all important values of harmony and respecting each other. These kinds of activities help develop the large muscles – gross motor. Pouring, sifting, moulding, drawing, patting, and decorating all help exercise the smaller muscles – fine motor apart from giving an essential boost to their creative skills and imagination.

Big Indoor Play Zone

Indoor play zone strengthens their mental skills, independence and creativity. It also increases their self awareness and self respect. It reinforces their confidence through developing new skills and provides opportunities for developing social skills to interact with other children.

Puppet Theater

Puppets are important aspect of our history and everyday lives. Puppets are both entertaining and captivating. Children can believe and relate to them; they can enter and explore the fascinating inventive world that puppets create. Puppets are a natural and fun extension of the pretend play that young children engage in so readily. Puppets will help children develop some important learning skills.


“Books are a child’s best friends” and how could we forget that! So we at PICASSO have an amazing array of books. A library corner is a free world where children get lost in their dreamland of gypsies, animals, cars and get the range that we offer is full of fun and very interesting. There are a variety of board books, picture books, in order to promote significant thinking skills and to enhance creative and social development. Then there are a variety of educational books in the school library corner to encourage early literacy skills. Excellent reading habits begin in the early years. Introducing children to literature in preschool supports kindergarten readiness and develops a love of language and reading.

Auditorium: Permanent Stage

Research has shown that play has a positive impact on children’s overall development. The positive benefits of play on a child’s social/emotional, physical, cognitive, language and literacy development have been well documented. Play enhances children’s creativity and problem-solving and contributes to the development of self-regulation and social skills such as turn-taking, collaboration and following rules, empathy, and motivation. So, we at PICASSO encourage children to go on stage and develop these skills

Day Care Facility & Sleeping Area

We provide safe, comfortable, stimulating, and caring environment to children that’s customized to their needs. While care-giving is our primary objective, we are equally concerned about children’s personal, social, and emotional development.