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Business Opportunity & Requirements

1. Business Opportunity

Preschool franchises in India are booming businesses nowadays; parents are more concerned than ever with their kids' future, and willingly spend money to give the children the best possible education right from preschool levels. Opening a preschool franchise business in India can therefore turn out to be a wise business decision.

According to data, preschool business in India is worth more than Rs 4,000 crore. That’s definitely a huge amount which shows the potential of preschool business. One has the option of starting his own preschool or taking a franchise. Considering India’s burgeoning population there is potentially great scope for preschools. More than 50% of India’s population is below 24 years and a significantly larger population is in early childhood stage. One also has to keep in mind the extra emphasis provided to the education sector in India by the successive governments. All these developments make preschool education business a potentially lucrative one.

Growth opportunities in preschool industry also come from this being a highly unorganized sector. People are flocking to urban cities for better job prospects. Most of the urban couples are working and do not have time to teach their toddlers. Per capital income has kept on increasing and now people are more aware of benefits of education. All these factors work in favor of starting your own preschool. So if you are looking for an exciting business opportunity then preschool business should be definitely considered. However, you will require good capital amount if you plan to start preschool in a prime location.

2. Requirements

The franchisee should have minimum 2500 sq.ft in 1st year, in case up gradation approx 2000 sq.ft. carpet area in a premium residential location in the city. Preferably independent villa or bungalow (On ground floor) with separate boundary wall along with outdoor play area.

The initial investment will be in the range of INR.10,00,000/- to INR.15,00,000/- depending on the city/ state/ country. The initial investment would be towards ambiance and equipment costs and would include the start up franchisee.

Picasso School advantages:

  • > Proven business model
  • > Premium brand positioning
  • > Quality curriculum and teaching methodology
  • > Organized and process driven franchisee support structure
  • > Higher growth opportunities for existing partners to set up multiple franchisees