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Playgroup (Age 2 years to 3 years)

"Learning can be fun" translates to factual reality where the child learns through music, dramatic play, storytelling, group activity, games & sports. The emphasis is on all-round development, which encompasses emotional and social development, gross and fine motor skills, language development and academic skills. Child will get a lovely environment and learn their basic steps for strong foundation.

Nursery (Age 3 years to 4 years)

Our motive is to develop the inherent skills of children but undeveloped talent that was hidden within child at this stage. A balanced curriculum to satisfy this unique growth period and focuses on overall growth of the child.

Kindergarten (Age 4 years to 5 years)

The focus now is on accelerated development of Physical, Personal, Social and Emotional skills. The Program activities encourage children to express themselves through different media like dance, movement, music and art.

Prep (Age 5 years to 6 years)

Our Pre School program is designed to give children a strong foundation in the skills that they will need to excel when they enter a regular school. In this technological era child should be aware with new instruments which help them to be the most energetic and creative. Being Literate, Being Expressive, Being Healthy and Being Knowledgeable.