Why Picasso

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Focusing on Practical Training

Picasso School focuses on practical life activities - not just on theoretical learning. By emphasizing activities performed regularly but using those as a base for teaching and learning, the school introduces and reinforces basic concepts, which are critical to set a strong foundation for education in a child.

Nutrition Habits

By focusing on healthy eating habits, and reinforcing this behavior, the school helps children maintain a healthy weight and achieve normal growth. It is well known that childhood eating habits are the determinant of habits throughout life; these early habits provide the foundation for a healthy lifestyle as adults. Further, the school's health care provider evaluates every child's weight and growth and advises the parents on diet and growth accordingly.

Child Psychology

There is ample evidence on the effect of pre-school education on children's academic attainment, social behavior and cognitions. The Picasso School emphasizes the child's psychological development along with his physical and mental development.

Contemporary Teaching Techniques

We believe that visual and practical teaching is more beneficial and effective rather that theoretical study. Our curriculum is designed to deliver learning with fun. Since our sessions are taken on computers and projectors, it ensures that by an early age the child will be technology friendly.